Steel shelving (retail)
Steel shelving (retail)

Both gondola fixtures (height to suit) and wall fixtures (up to 3.6m high) are available with a full range of accessories. This cantilevered system is flexible and offers excellent display options. Full signage system for both walls and gondolas available.

Colour options available on request, standard colours include Black, Cream & Grey.

All gondola and wall fixtures can have steel peg panel or corflute panels (backing) to suit.

Glass security cabinets are made to fit into the system for both gondolas and wall bays.

Steel shelving (storage)

Options available include Long span, Rivet rack, pallet racking in a full range of sizes.

Speciality is 4m high posts and mezzanine floor in-between to double storage capacity.

Colour range is available on request.

All fixtures are top braced, and floor fixed to minimise earthquake damage and for security of staff

Mezzanine Floors
Mezzanine Floors

Our speciality, these floors are freestanding and have no fixings to external walls, only fixed to the floor and the shelving they form part off.

Made of Galvanised steel, the floor comprises Portal frames, flooring (2 options, 1 for sprinkler compatibility and a cheaper punched panel alternative). Comes complete with all ends, stairs and railings.

Currently we have some 10 installations throughout the country. They are easy to use, very safe, and simple to dismantle and move if the situation arises.

Easily installed into existing shelving, we are experts in the adding of post extensions and extra shelves!

Existing floors are in: Christchurch, Timaru, Napier, Hamilton, Tauranga, Auckland.